Boy, Hugh Jackman's wife must get so sick of seeing his ass on her sofa all day, every day. It's like the guy never does anything - I mean, according to the IMDb, the lazy bastard only has 11 movies due out in the next two years. God damn slacker.

Actually, make it 12: Jackman's added yet another film to that slate, this one a noir-ish action flick that he'll also co-produce. Entitled Drive, the movie will be based on a book by badass crime novelist James Sallis, about "a stuntman who moonlights as a wheelman during robberies and discovers that a contract has been put on him." Awesome. According to Jackman's production partner, the duo see the project as offering the actor "a great Steve McQueen-type role." Did I mention awesome? The quality of Jackman's projects is mind-blowing unpredictable, but this one sounds promising - it'll be nice to see him get into a raw, macho-type role without having to be oddly hairy or battling supernatural enemies.

[via Dark Horizons]
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