The Weinstein Company (via Dimension, the subdivision that handles its genre flicks) has gone way, way out on a limb and hired Darren Lynn Bousman to direct a horror movie. Boy, it's pretty ballsy of them to think that the guy whose career now consists only of movies with "Saw" and a number in the title can branch out into non-tool horror.

The non-Saw flick is called Wichita, and it's "a thriller about an unthinkable crime that destroys the lives of eight characters." An unthinkable crime, huh? Why, that sounds sort of like...Saw to me. And Hostel. According to Bousman, however, it's totally not. In fact, it's a whole "new slant on horror"! Holy crap, Darren - really? Why, tell us more. "What's terrifying about this story is that it's based in reality and could happen to anyone...It's a slice of Americana gone bad and getting worse." Hmm. Seriously, how is that different from the conceit of Saw, Hostel (without the Americana), The Hills Have Eyes, and all of the other non-supernatural horror movies that are filling theaters these days? Basically, this is a movie by a first-time writer (Scott Milam, who I'll bet you anything was "inspired" by Saw) that a genre studio is turning over to a guy who is familiar with the horror formula that's popular right now. And, presto: box office gold!
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