Remind me to never, ever, fake a blog post from George Clooney here at Cinematical, because he really does not take kindly to that. Arianna Huffington knows that firsthand now - she posted a "blog post" purported to be from Clooney on her Huffington Post Blog on Monday, in which Clooney supposedly slammed Dems who voted for the war in Iraq as being afraid of being labeled liberal. 

The post, however, wasn't actually written by Clooney at all - it was compiled from quotes from interviews Clooney did with The Guardian and Larry King Live. Clooney reacted by issuing a statement calling Huffington's methods "purposefully misleading", and in an interview with New York Daily News' Lloyd Grove, reportedly said of a conversation he had with Huffington, "She said some things I won't share, but she did tell me that this could be bad for me -- bad for my career.  Well, screw you!"


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