Most of the SXSW film festival attendees have returned home by now, and the reports and reviews are starting to hit the Web.
  • Scott Weinberg appropriately described SXSW as "movie geek summer camp" because he gets to hang out with all the film writers and see tons of interesting films. He's been posting capsule reviews per day to JoBlo and has already covered the first and second days.
  • When I haven't been downtown watching movies, attending the conference, or singing campfire songs with Weinberg, I've enjoyed reading the indieWIRE SXSW blog. A number of different filmmakers have been posting entries about their individual experiences promoting and screening their films or watching other people's movies.
  • Cyndi Greening discusses the Blogging About Film panel that included herself and our own Karina Longworth. I was there (and hope to write about it soon myself). It was an interesting panel, particularly useful to filmmakers who want to use blogs to discuss and promote their movies.
  • David at GreenCine Daily has been rounding upall the SXSW entries in detail and seeing a fewmovies himself.
I wanted to include one or two lesser-known individual blogs, maybe by Austinites, who are covering the festival more informally (like I did last year on my personal blog). However, I couldn't find anything. If you're writing about the SXSW film festival this year, feel free to post your URL in the comments.