Okay, so you work in Marketing at IFC. You've got to get the print ad done for Sorry, Haters -- a shot-on-DV movie that's getting mixed reviews. And ... something happens. You (and this part is multiple choice):

a) Don't get that Ain't it Cool News takes reports from readers with pseudonyms, and that Vincent Hanna is the name of Al Pacino's character in Heat. You run the ad, with Hanna's blurb between the endorsement of Ebert and Roper, The Hollywood Reporterand Entertainment Weekly.

b) Completely understand that and yet have no compunction about running a blurb from a pseudonymous fictional character because, hey, could you pick Lisa Schwarzbaum out of a line-up? Maybe she's fictional, too.

c) Were working on proof-reading the ad quite diligently until you realized that 'Wacky Steve' from IT was having his farewell party at that place near the thing you went to that one time where they have drinks.

d) Were distracted by the pleasure of finally meeting David Manning and then awoke screaming from your Charlie Kaufman-esque nightmare.

e) All of the above.

Share your thoughts. And see the full, uncropped ad scanned from the San Francisco Bay Guardian after the jump.
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