The release of Disney's Meet the Robinsons, which Mark introduced us to (get it?) back in October, was recently pushed back from December of 2006 to March of 2007 and, though the studio sold the change as a effort to position the film for the best possible box office returns, rumors have suggested a different motivation. In reality, it's believe that Disney is holding the film in the hopes that their new Pixar buddies can fix it.

According to the usually reliable Jim Hill, Robinsons has a great opening and a wonderful ending - but the middle is a bit of a mess. Said a source, "It's the scene where Wilbur first meets the Robinsons where this film really starts to go off track. I mean, the screen is suddenly filled with all of these characters who are behaving oddly because they're supposed to seen as colorful eccentrics." Though the original storyboards were said to be nearly "perfect," the film underwent a lot of changes - most of them motivated by David Stainton, then the company's new head of Feature Animation - in the transition to celluloid, and Pixar is quietly being asked to clean out as many of the changes as possible (in an uncredited, unacknowledged sort of way).
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