Directed by Giovanni Pastrone, Cabiria has long been considered the greatest film of Italy's silent era. When it was originally released in 1914, the movie was an international success, and is believed to have inspired "the Babylonian sequences" in D. W. Griffith's 1916 epic, Intolerance.

Previously only available in a two hour version, the film has now been restored from rushes found in basement in Turin (or, as the American Sports Dictators who still say "Italy" and "Rome" like to called it, Turino) to something very close to its original appearance and running time. The restored version, which runs 190 minutes, will have a new world premiere in Italy next Monday, accompanied by an introductory video from Martin Scorsese. After the premiere, the movie will be shipped off to Cannes, where it will screen out of competition.

[via Alternative Film Guide]
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