Hugh Jackman has certainly become a geek culture favorite these days - his fantastic Wolverine portrayal impressed many a comic geek, myself included. He has since joined the Christopher Nolan cabal with a major role in the upcoming fantasy flick The Prestige (a film which seems to include everyone in Hollywood except maybe Ben Affleck), which has of course inspired a flurry of "Hugh Jackman will be in Batman"rumors - rumors which may possibly have been encouraged/substantiated by Jackman himself in a recent Australian media appearance. It seems like a natural progression anyway, since the entire cast and crew of Batman seems to be involved in The Prestige. At any rate, regardless of the truth of the Batman rumors, Jackman HAS apparently confirmed a brief appearance in that other major hero flick we keep hearing about. Yes, my friends, Hugh Jackman will be appearing in a small cameo as Clark Kent's father in a Superman Returns flashback scene - presumably (as CBR points out) this refers to Mr. Kent, and not Jor-El. this rate, can we just presume that Hugh will show up in every major comic book movie from now until the end of time? We can probably at least expect him to be rumored to do so. What do you think - Hugh as a newspaper vendor in Spider-Man 3? How about playing a Skrull in a future FF project? Maybe be can be one of the Corps in the rumored Green Lantern Trilogy. A spurned love interest for Wonder Woman? Or we can just have a movie called "Hugh Jackman: Hardcore Super Hero." C'mon, you know you'd go to see it.
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