Friday's odds and ends:
  • Well, that was quick. Mr. Brooks' good and evil pair of Kevin Costner and William Hurt now have their lady: according to this morning's Hollywood Reporter, Demi Moore has joined the film's cast. Refreshingly, Moore isn't playing a love interest who is threatened and made to scream (in a bad way) a lot by the bad guy. Instead, she'll be a "a tough detective whose devotion to her craft catches the attention and respect of the serial killer she is hunting." Ah, hell. The summary alone is creeping me out, so there's no way I have the nerves to see this movie. Dammit.
  • When we reported late last year about the rumors that Radiohead was going to do the score for A Scanner Darkly, people came out of the woodwork to tell us it was all a huge, idiotic lie. But now the "rumor" is back again, and this time it's from the proverbial Mainstream Media: EW's Popwatch is reporting the story as a studio-confirmed fact - odd, since the version Jette saw the other day featured music by Graham Reynolds. So, basically, no one knows what's going on, not even the people at Warner independent Pictures. [Edit: Popwatch has has been updated based on new information from WIP. Radiohead isn't doing the score; instead, the movie will feature unspecified Radiohead songs, in addition to a Thom Yorke solo track.]
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