The San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival begins this weekend; coverage-wise, the Guardian has plenty. Seriously. I mean, lots.

Also, the film Zodiac -- about the Bay Area's most infamous, never-caught serial killer -- opens up. And, again, in the Guardian, Cheryl Eddy talks to Robin Tunney about the film. No, it's not the Fincher one.

The Balboa is showing a double bill that works as a perfect distillation of the economics of a small, independent theater: Crash and Bertolucci's The Conformist. I'm sure you've seen Crash, but why not check out The Conformist? I mean, I heard everyone else was going to be going. ...

The Red Vic is showing Piece by Piece, another documentary about graffiti art in San Francisco. If I say I'm not interested in graffiti documentaries, does that mean I'm officially old? 'Cause it makes me feel like I should go put on my cardigan and yell at some kids to stop tagging my Jell-o tree.

And if you like beer and movies -- and who doesn't? -- check out The Parkway's schedule: Night Watch, Match Point,Tristram Shandy and Capote ... Plus The Rocky Horror Picture Showlive at Midnight, Saturday. What do you think your dreams would look like if you saw that quintuple-bill, huh?

And finally -- even though it's more in the realm of our sister site TV Squad -- The Evidencedebuts Wednesday on ABC. It's a new procedural set in the 415. Take a drink every time you see the Transamerica building. Dare ya. Double dare ya. And speaking of canceled TV series set in San Francisco, you can rent or buy Spike Lee's Sucker Free City now. How did I miss that?

Stay inside, it's rainy.

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