If you're feeling a bit left out and unglam because nobody burdened you with a $65,000 bag-o-swag this awards season, fret no more. George Clooney, director, Oscar-award-winning actor, and apparently all around good guy (in addition to being my long-time secret movie star boyfriend), has donated the swag bag he got for being a presenter at the Oscars to United Way to auction off as a fundraiser. Proceeds, according to the United Way website, are earmarked for "hurricane rebuilding and recover efforts". Now you have the opportunity not only to possess your very own bag of Oscar swag, formerly possessed and even touched by George Clooney, but you can feel good that the money you spend on it is going to a worthy cause.

The auction for the bag starts at 12:01am on March 22, on the United Way website, so get those fingers limbered up and start bidding for some swag!

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