Kaboom! Thunder-crashes and skeletons in bishop’s miters greet you at the site for Rapeofthesoul.com, the official website of the documentary of the same name…but then, things get mysteriouser. There’s no trace of this film on Moviefone, IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, even though Rape of the Soul is opening in eight theaters nationwide Friday. In this age of too much information, isn't it a pleasure to see something genuinely low-profile?

Rape of the Soul appears to be a documentary spinoff of a family-friendly indie film Michael A. Calace was working on, titled Intimate Fear. It too is missing in action on the usual databases, though Rape of the Soul’s production company Silver Sword International summarizes Intimate Fear as the adventures of a troubled family man: “His faith is tested as he engages the problems directly, by seeking help through family and friends, as well as mysterious characters for `refreshingly unusual’ guidance.” Uh, okay. ... But during the readying of Intimate Fear, Calace discovered the “SP Scandal”—short for “Satanic Porn” -- which some claim is buried in classical and liturgical work of art. Rape of the Soul is based on what Calace deems his “over twenty years of embed (sic) art expertise.”

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