As the relationship between comics and film grows ever onward, the producers of both continue to seek ways to expand upon (read: earn more money from) the happy union. It is not unusual, then, for comic book companies to bend the nature of their books to reflect their movie counterparts - sometimes even releasing special movie runs of their titles. DC Comics is jumping right onto this bandwagon, as they announced recently their plans to produce a limited run Superman Returns comic book story arc, written by director Bryan Singer and screenwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris.

Comic Book Resources provides details of the deal, noting that the run will consist of four issues, each forty pages in length. The story will serve as a prequel run-up to Superman Returns, "revisiting the Man of Steel's origins and witness how the world has been transformed in Superman’s absence." (taken from the press release statement)

As a fan of both comic books and (most) comic book movies, I tend to like anything which attempts to unite the two. Naturally, I prefer the movie to resemble the comic book; but in instances like this where a clear movie story line is existent as a somewhat separate entity, I think it's nice to see comic books which recognize and enhance the separate story.
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