Warner Brothers has announced it is ready to roll out the first in its new line of High Definition (HD) DVDs - and they are seizing the chance for another double-dipping (triple-dipping by now) opportunity by releasing - not new titles - but rather titles which already exist on regular old DVD.  Batman Begins, Constantine, and The Matrix will represent WB's initial HD offering. Please note, I'm happy to be getting old titles that look new and snazzy - but c'mon. How many copies of Batman Begins do I have to buy* before I get can the nicest looking one with all the features?

And let's not forget that the HD DVD will be utterly non-compatible with Sony's Blu-ray technology, because Sony doesn't like playing with others. I was mentioning this fact to my supervisor at my full time job (a gentleman who lurks ambiguously around the appearance of 60 years old) and he told me he used to record reel to reel when he was a college student and he could record fine between equipment of any manufacture - except, of course Sony. You apparently needed a special adapter to make Sony's junk compatible. Welcome to the future.

*Okay, if we're being perfectly honest, I haven't actually purchased Begins yet, because we all knew the shiny, expensive edition was on the way.