I reported last week about the upcoming screen version of Richard Clarke's Against All Enemies, to be directed by Crash's Paul Haggis, and wondered at the time who on earth would play the real-life politicians who figure so prominently in the story. Jeffery Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere has had a look at a late (possibly final) draft of the script and answers one of my questions - George W. Bush appears only off-screen, so at least he doesn't need to be cast.

Wells came away deeply impressed by James Vanderbilt's screenplay, which he describes as "gripping" and "pared-to-the-bone." And, despite the fact that the movie's action consist primarily of "men and women in suits jawing with each other about strategy", he feels it has the potential to be a truly great political film, on par with Alan J. Pakula's stunning All the President's Men. So yeah, it's safe to say that he liked it.

One interesting tidbit in Wells' article is his sincere suggestion that Bill Clinton consider playing himself in the movie - according to Wells, the Clinton "character" is so well-written (he's not portrayed as a hero by any means, but nevertheless comes across as a warm, intelligent person) that no one who isn't the former president could convincingly play him. While this seems incredibly unlikely, I have to admit that it's an engaging idea. And hey, if Clinton agreed to appear, maybe they could get Condoleeza Rice to play herself too! And Dick Cheney!
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