Casual web browsers on Saturday were probably taken a little aback to see Crash director-co-writer Paul Haggis's name on the front page of ... The Drudge Report? Citing an Agence France-Press news story, Drudge's headlines blared "'Crash' Director to Lead Hollywood March." Reading the actual story, though, there's no quote from Haggis, no mention of any formal role ... and you realize that you have to do your own web search to find the ANSWER Coalition L.A.  page where Haggis is named as a confirmed speaker. I have to wonder if Haggis volunteered to speak before or after his Oscar win ... and if he realized it was going to make him the subject of lots of stories like this. I mean, if the other celebrities the story notes as expected-to-attend, like Martin Sheen and Maria Bello, had won recent Oscars ... would they be in the headline? Does Haggis's recent Oscar win give him a platform ... or make him a target?

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