If you make short films, it's often difficult to get exposure - and therefore feedback - for your work. Boston short film makers, however, have another option: Open Screen, a monthly event at which anything - in any format - can be screened, as long as it runs less than 10 minutes. Coordinated by members of the Roadside Pictures film and video collective, Open Screen has existed for about two years, and offers a much-needed, much-appreciated outlet for for both film school grads and filmmakers with no training whatsoever. Despite the fact that nothing is prescreened, the event almost always consists of 90 or so minutes (there are usually 10-15 films every month) of surprisingly accomplished films. Though the creators suggests "themes" for each month (this month's is to make a trailer for a 2007 Oscar nominee), the films don't have to conform, and generally run the gamut from slapstick comedy to experimental.

Admission to the event is a mere $7.50; this month's Open Screen takes place on Tuesday night.
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