In a sign that X-Men: The Last Stand may not suck after all, it appears that Brett Ratner will be returning to the franchise to helm the Wolverine spin-off. Oh joy! Vinnie Jones, who plays Juggernaut in the X-Men films, recently spoke with MTV and kind of alluded to the fact that Ratner was already on board. Not only that, but Jones may also play a big role in the film as well.

Here's the full quote from MTV:  "I said this to Brett the other day, and he was saying that they'll probably use a lot of the characters," Jones said, implying that the director will also return alongside star Hugh Jackman in Wolverine." "Hopefully [the Wolverine/ Juggernaut rivalry] will come into it. There might be something for me and him to get together." Now, I'm not sure how concrete this whole thing is, but it makes sense that the producers would definitely want someone familiar with the series to direct. And about Jones playing a role in the spin-off? Well, there were rumors that he was signed on for a 4th and 5th film. I'm thinking now, instead of possible sequels, they locked him into possible spin-offs.

With Ratner in pre-production on Rush Hour 3 and Wolverine reportedly on the front-burner, I'm not sure how the guy will fit both into his schedule. However, it's something to keep in that back of your brain for now and, as always, we'll be here to tell you as soon as there's more word.

[via Moviehole]


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