The rights to Stoneheart, a not-yet-published children's novel by screenwriter Charlie Fletcher, have been purchased by Paramount in the hopes that the book will be the start of another Potter-esque franchise, Hollywood's newest Holy Grail. In the book - which Fletcher will adapt himself -- a clumsy kid accidentally knocks the head off of a statue in London's Imperial War Museum, which for some reason causes the "stone serpents that adorn the museum" to come to life and attack him. Luckily, a statue of a soldier also suddenly turns human and saves the boy. The whole statues-coming-to-life thing sweeps the city, and enough adventures to fill a planned trilogy of books (and movies) ensue.

Paramount's excitement about Stoneheart can be seen in the fact that its top two producers -- Scott Rudin (Failure to Launch, The Royal Tenenbaums, Zoolander) and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers: The Movie, Derailed, Four Brothers) -- both wanted the book when it was brought to the studio. Instead of choosing one man to guide the project, the studio persuaded them to agree (eagerly, supposedly) to collaborate for the first time.
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