The promotion for the highly-anticipated Beastie Boys concert film Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! kicked into overdrive this weekend, with the emergence of a trailer, stills, and advance screenings all over North America. The trailer, however is only a minute long and doesn't really show anything, which is sort of a bummer. Instead, it's all about the anticipation, featuring quick images of backstage, pre-concert activity accompanied by a Very Important Movie-sounding voice over ("At a time of upheaval and change...") - it's clever, but disappointing if you were hoping to get a sense of the supposed energy and power of the film.

But you don't have to wait f or thatuntil the movie opens on March 31 - instead, you can buy tickets to one of the incredibly wide-spread advance screenings that are taking place this Thursday. Seriously - REALLY widespread. You know how it's really annoying to be a movie fan in, say, Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas, or Idaho Falls, because you never get any preview screenings of anything, and nothing you want to see ever plays at the multiplex? Well quit worrying - ThinkFilm and the Beasties have got your asses covered, along with those of people in roughly a billion other cities in the US and Canada.

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