The Conan the Barbarian rumor mill has certainly had its share of drama over the past year or so. Established geek culture brothers the Wachowskis were at one point attached to the film as producers/writers for director John Milius (remember those rumors?), but allegedly got outta dodge due to nebulous creative differences with the big M. However, Milius may be gone now, and recent stories report that the folks over at Warner Brothers are interested in bringing the brothers back into the Conan fold - possibly this time as directors. The brothers are avowed comic fans, and are apparently rather familiar with Robert Howard's comic world.

The new flick is still reportedly called King Conan: Crown of Iron, and many fans hope to see King Arnold (governor, whatever) return to his role to complete the trilogy. I'd love to see Arnold as an aging ruler fact, it's hard to imagine a return to the franchise without the guy. If you've got an idea for an actor out there who could fill the Barbarian shoes, comment away, I'd love to hear.
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