As the comic book to movie trend continues to storm forward like The Juggernaut ( the real Juggernaut, not that worrisome weakling Vinnie Jones seems to be portraying), the third element of the nerd trifecta - video games - continues its valiant (and so far futile) effort to join the party. The relationship between video games and comic books is admittedly more solid than the relationship between video games and feature films - but that's just not enough, apparently. The latest best hope for a reasonable VG movie is gamer favorite Halo, which carries a strong and current fan base into the capable arms of director "Hellboy" Del Toro and producer Peter "Hobbit" Jackson.

I hear you out there in readerland saying "Get to the point, captain geek. We know this already." Well, the latest news on the block is that Halo is, in fact, broadening its licensing rights to stretch into the comic book world as well. Bungie Studios is partnering with Marvel's publishing muscle to produce The Halo Graphic Novel, which will anthologize the stories of the first and second game and include a spiffy selection of Halo-inspired artwork from several artists. So...will Halo be successful as both a movie AND comic book spin off? And if it is, will we see an increased barrage of video game properties being licensed out into movies and comic books? Synergy, people!
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