Since Jennifer Lopez (or JLo) is on her way out, it only makes sense for her to attach herself to someone who's on their way in. According to Sky News, the actress turned singer turned actress turned what the hell is she now has penned a comedy and is doing what she can to attract the Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria, to star opposite her. Now, you're probably wondering what in the world Jennifer Lopez would write a script about, right? Okay, so maybe you just want to know whether either one will be naked. Sorry, I don't have the information you requested. Please try again later.

But I can tell you that the two will play sisters who, after some sort of massive fight, decide to use the press to get revenge on one another. Hmm, JLo writes a story about how the press can ruin someone's career? Something tells me she's dying to take away at least one good thing from those awful Bennifer days. And here I thought it would be an addiction to alcohol. Oh well. Assuming everything falls into place, the untitled comedy will start shooting in September.

[via Moviehole]

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