Rumors and unfinished projects follow Kevin Smith like children followed the Pied Piper of Hamlin. For View Askew fans this can be rather annoying, as they build their excitement for a project only to find that it has been moved, delayed, or utterly abandoned. Not surprisingly, rumors of a Clerkssequel (a direct Clerks sequel focusing around Dante and Randall, that is) have been floating around for nearly as long as Smith has been making films - and fans of the Askewniverse will probably remember that at one point, these rumors insisted that Clerks 2was going to be an animated feature in the vein of the sadly failed Clerks cartoon.  Of course, we all know now what the real Clerks 2 will be; but have hopes for an animated Clerks feature died now that a live action sequel is on its way? Perhaps not, according to the man himself.

In a recent panel at Wizard World LA, Smith was asked about his future plans for the Askewniverse. He replied that he may be interested in putting together a direct-to-DVD Clerks animated feature called "Clerks: Sell Out" in which Dante and Randall leave their jobs to make a movie about working in a convenience store. According to Smith, Weinstein's reaction to this idea was, "You’ve just run out of ideas, haven’t you?” Now keep in mind this is coming from Kevin Smith, who always has a million great ideas for every one that actually manifests. But still - I'd love to see something new in the vein of the Clerks cartoon. Oh, and head on over to CBR for plenty more great tidbits from the Smith panel.
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