Along with two producers, Penélope Cruz has bought the rights to Pasion India, Javier Moro's popular novel about "a 17-year-old flamenco dancer from Andalusia who scandalized two countries in the early 1900s when she agreed to marry an Indian maharaja and settle in his native land." Wow - now that is a mouthful of a plot. And what makes the story even cooler is that it's based on the real-life actions of a woman named Anita Delgado (though how closely the book hews to reality is anyone's guess - the damn thing hasn't been published in English).

Cruz will both executive produce and star in the film, despite the fact that she's just the slightest bit older than 17. (Conveniently, however, Moro claims that he actually had Cruz in mind when he wrote the book - though whether that was for the role or just some idle fantasizing isn't entirely clear.) So far the film has neither a screenplay nor a director - "an international director is sought", at least partly in the hope that a big budget will follow - but the plan is to make it in English with a cast mainly from Bollywood; filming is expected to take place in both Spain and India.
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