All sorts of groovy insider stuff happens at ShoWest. This year, among other things, attendees got to see Cars (Most of the reviews basically say "Hey, better than I expected!", which is faint praise indeed.), hang out with the great Dakota Fanning, and see a big chunk of new Superman Returns footage. While no one has yet helped us out by offered a full, bootlegged version of Cars online (not that we'd ever endorse such a thing), a slightly shaky pirate with a crappy camera (phone?) did record some new X3footage, as well as the Superman reel that played at a Brandon Routh tribute (Yeah, now they're honoring people who haven't yet done anything. I'm expecting my Oscar any day now.), which offers a glipse at the movie.

While the Routh video consists mostly of a lot of people saying things like "We love Brandon!" and "Oh my God, he's just the bestest Superman ever!", the X3 clip is all footage from the movie - and it's very Wolverine heavy, if you're into that sort of thing. Again, the quality of this stuff is pretty bad, but until we all get to go to neat industry events, it's the best we're going to get.
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