Just a few weeks after the ugly Crashproducer debacle went public, another best picture-winning film is finding itself in court. According to Martin Richards, founder of The Producer Circle Company, Miramax is screwing him out of $10 million (give or take a few million) of profits that his co-producer credit for Chicago should have earned. In his lawsuit, Richards claims that his company owned the movie rights to the musical, and that co-producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein have refused to pay him the percentage he is owed. The core of Richard's suit is his claim that, though his contract terms guaranteed him a percentage of gross profits (figured before expenses are taken out), the Weinsteins are trying to pay him based on net profits (with expenses taken out - obviously a much smaller figure). So far, Richards claims he has been paid only $500,000 ("$300,00 as a producing fee and $200,000 when the movie passed its 'first cash break even level'").
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