Back in September, Karina reported the news that one Ashton Kutcher was rumored to be starring in the Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell-produced Evil Dead remake. Even an unconfirmed casting report was enough to send Campbell's legion of devoted fans into a frenzy, and the wave of Ashton-hate in the comments made it clear that no one was anything less than horrified at the possibility.

Everyone should be very pleased, then, by the interview Campbell recently gave Penny Dreadful. According to the Chin himself, there probably will be a remake coming someday, but given how busy Raimi is, it won't be any time soon. In addition (this is the good news), the film won't have anything to do with the character of Ash - really, it'll be more a reinvention than a remake, in which the evil book affects "a whole new group of people in a different situation." The goal of the film - when and if it's made - will be to leave the low-budget campiness of the original film behind in favor of "flat out, scary-ass, un-rated horror."

And that sound you hear is a zillion Evil Dead devotees exhaling for the first time in months.

[via Rotten Tomatoes]
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