There's something very appealing about Simon Pegg (he of Shaun of the Dead fame). Despite ample evidence that he's smarter, funnier, and more creative than most of us (or than me, at least), he nevertheless comes across as a guy who's so totally normal that you almost forget he's famous and brilliant and whatnot.

The Hot Fuzzvideo diary (he says it's the first, which is great news - more Simon Pegg is never a bad thing) up at Working Title does nothing to change one's impression of Pegg, though now he's a normal guy who just happens to be an action hero. Over the past six months or so, he's learned judo, as well as cop skills and, oddly, how to ride a bike really fast and then skid to a halt in a glamorous manner. Assuming he's done all this for the film (which starts shooting in a week) and not as part of a strange new hobby, Hot Fuzz is going to be way more physical than the "Some cops in a village. It'll be funny." summary ever suggested.

[via Twitch]
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