Bond producer Barbara Broccoli sent a clear message to those who feel casting Daniel Craig was a bad decision by announcing that they're already at work on a sequel and Craig will star. Oh yeah, - you just got served! That line is so old, I'm almost embarrassed to keep using it. Sigh.

Convinced Casino Royale will simply knock your socks off (never quite sure how that could actually happen in real life. I mean, would the socks have to be completely torn off or just fall down a little?), Broccoli says, "We are already working on the sequel. We're in the early stages of that. It will be an original story but will continue part of what the story is in Casino Royale."

Not sure about you, but I'm down with them going retro on Bond for a few films. I think it will be fun to watch him grow into the secret agent we've all been so used to for awhile. Plenty of room for some intense character development, you know? However, right now, I believe Barbara needs some more people to hop on the Broccoli bandwagon in order to truly convince us. Ahem, how about you throw us a teaser?

[via Dark Horizons]

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