For eight years now, megacritic Roger Ebert has put together a festival featuring films he loves that he feels have been overlooked and neglected. What's great about the festival is that Ebert's status is such that people pay attention to it, and the attention he bestows on films simply by choosing them can have an impact. Featured at last year's festival, for example, were Murderball and Me and You and Everyone We Know, both of which received tremendous acclaim as the year wore on.

This year's slate of films is just as diverse as those of past festivals, and includes My Fair Lady (screening in 70mm!), The David Schwimmer-starrer Duane Hopwood (Ebert describes Schwimmer's performance as "brilliant", and the film as one of the best indie features he saw last year), Man Push Cart (which impressed Kim at Sundance), and Bad Santa. All of the films at the festival will be accompanied by appearances by personnel involved in the productions, from Bad Santa director Terry Zwigoff to John Malkovich, who plans to be on hand to discuss his work in 2002's Ripley's Game.

The festival runs from April 26 to April 30 (there are three and four screenings a day), with all screenings at The Virginia Theatre. Those of you in Chicago damn well better go.

[via GreenCine Daily]
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