Jeffery Wells, who last week gave us an ecstatic peek at James Vanderbilt's script for Paul Haggis'Against all Enemies, now has a look at a year-old draft of Haggis' screenplay (Clearly Wells has something on the man that gets him unrestricted script access.) for Clint Eastwood's Flags of Our Fathers.

While Wells says that the draft is good - a possible Oscar front-runner, even - he's less impressed than he was by the tight Enemies script, calling the Flags draft "a sad, compassionate, sometimes horrifically violent piece that's essentially plotless and impressionistic and assembled like a kind of time-tripping poem." Whoa. The fact that that sounds like potentially one of the best war movies I've ever seen simply confirms what Wells figured out: it's basically an art house film, wrapped in big studio money and with a big-name cast. Will it work? Who knows. Eastwood is certainly well-established enough to do whatever he wants with virtually no risks, so he certainly won't suffer. Whether the movie will earn back what it's costing Warner Brothers and Dreamworks, however, is another thing entirely.

There are a lot of great details in Wells' write-up at Hollywood Elsewheres, which is easily the most in-depth piece we've had so far on Eastwood's movie, as well as some stills from the set.
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