Buddhist actor Keanu Reeves has women's groups up in arms over an interview with Playboy Magazine in which he discussed domestic violence. In the interview, Reeves was discussing the 2000 film The Gift, in which he starred opposite Hilary Swank as an abusive husband and said, "By the way, I also learned a bit of...well, some of the ladies don't mind it. A part of me was afraid of my violent side."

Great googly-mooglies. That, honestly, has to be one of the dumbest things a big-name Hollywood star has said in a long time. Geez, Keanu, with an attitude like that, perhaps you should just skip trying to date women and just start bopping them upside the head with your big club and dragging them off to your man-cave. The thing is, I can kinda-sorta see where he's coming from - perhaps he just meant that there are women who are in abusive relationships because they've been conditioned from low self-esteem and abusive childhoods to believe that abuse equals love. That's not really the same thing as not "minding" being hit, though, is it?  The quote is doubly perplexing given that Reeves is a Buddhist, and Buddhism is specifically a non-violent religion.

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