Mike White and Molly Shannon worked together in 2004, when she starred in Cracking-Up, a canceled-in-mid-first-season TV series he created. (Here's a direct quote from one of the reviews at the IMDB: "It was terrible. It was like watching an episode of The Simpsons." Wow. That bad, huh?) More than anything else, that fact goes to show that it really is all about connections: Shannon's in final talks to star in Year of Dog, which White wrote with her in mind and will direct.

In the film (White's directorial debut), Shannon will play Peggy, the proverbial single woman who lives alone with her beloved dog (been there, done that). As you might expect, the dog dies and Peggy "embarks on a journey of transformation." Now, if this wasn't a script by White, I would be writing very angry things about how she's surely going to find herself a man and really learn to finally live, through his support and love. But that summary, in the hands of the guy who wrote The School of Rock and Nacho Libre? Man, I have NO idea where it's going - which is both rare, in our world of cliched movies, and a very, very good thing.

It sounds like production will get underway when Shannon gets done with Evan Almighty, in which she's playing a supporting role.
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