Nothing in recent memory has scared Harry Potter film fans as much as the jarring rumors that Gary Oldman was not returning to reprise his role as Sirius Black in the fifth Potter film. Oldman did a fantastic job in the role, and the news of his departure was particularly worrisome due to the large role his character will most likely play in the next installment. The rumors persisted throughout recent months because despite major work beginning on the Potter film, Oldman's name continued to remain conspicuously absent from any cast lists. The reason for this, it seems, is simple. Oldman really wasn't on board for the fifth film. Until this week, anyway.

Fans can relax now that Oldman's long-time manager Doug Urbanski has formally announced his client's involvement in Potter 5. It seems that Oldman and Urbanski were as confused as the rest of us - they hadn't heard anything from Warner Brother's people for months. Urbanski admits that this confused both of them, as they presumed Oldman would be high on the contact list due to the size of Sirius' part. According to Urbanksi, Oldman had recieved several other calls regarding movie parts, and was "very close" to taking one of them before Warner Brothers finally contacted him. Looks like Warner Brothers dodged a bullet on this one - like everyone else, I can't imagine why they thought it'd be a smooth idea to wait so long before getting in touch with a major cast member.
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