While a comedy about corrupt sports officials might hit a little too close to home for soccer fans pretty much anywhere, or anyone who witnessed Bob Davidson's recent "work" in the World Baseball Classic, New Line is hoping that most of us will find the idea hilarious. To that end, they've bought The Refs, a creatively-named spec comedy by Michael Barker, Matthew Weitzman, and Chris McKenna (that's right, three writers - the movie's just THAT big) about "underappreciated NFL referees" who decide to get back at the world by fixing the Super Bowl. Or, at the very least, screwing it up a lot.

New Line has handed the project to The Longest Yard and Tommy Boy helmer Peter Segal, who will co-produce and is likely to direct. Barker and Weitzman both worked on Family Guy and co-created its knockoff, American Dad!, and one certainly hopes their brand of irreverent humor carried over into the script. I wonder if they know they'll be working with humans.
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