Chalk this one up as something that should have happened 7 seasons ago: The Simpsons are finally making a movie. Okay, so maybe we've known that for awhile now, but nothing has ever felt concrete, at least to me. I remember hearing that a possible film would involve Bart losing his virginity, and that idea circled its way around the world, only to see nor hear anything more.

Harry Shearer, who voices Rev. Lovejoy, Ned Flanders and a bunch more Springfield nutjobs, was a guest on the Mancow radio show and spilled a tiny portion of the beans when asked about a Simpsons movie. First off, he confirmed the 2-year contract extension for the television show (which will put them at roughly 1000 seasons) and said that the extension will not delay the movie as the actors are already laying down dialogue.

As far as story goes, he gave nothing up but said it will be more edgy - but not R-rated edgy. Also, there would be swearing in the movie, but not from his characters. Damn, and here I was really hoping Flanders would drop at least one F-bomb. There was no word on whether the movie would go The Family Guy route and travel straight to DVD or follow South Park to the big screen, but regardless (and I know the fans have to be with me on this), I feel it's all coming a bit too late.


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