If the box office for the first decade of the new millennium can be defined by anything, it is no doubt the remarkable surge of comic book properties finding their way to the big screen. These films are generally (although not universally) money makers, and studios have been actively snatching up any title they can get their grubby hands on recently. Foremost among the fray is no doubt the comic book powerhouse of Marvel, whose properties frequently turned into box office gold. Marvel has a nice little deal with Paramount these days, but a few titles exist that are bound to other studios - one of which is the much talked about Ghost Rider picture starring Nicolas Cage and produced by Sony. However, Sony is apparently having second thoughts.

Sam Elliott, who co-stars with Cage in the Marvel action flick, has stated that Sony's recent box office slump (the company took a major beating last year) has apparently scared them off of the Ghost Rider title for now. "It was supposed to come out this summer," said Elliott, "but it's not." According to Elliott, the film has now been bumped to a President's Day '07 release - and as the LA Daily reminds us February is not typically a hot time for major action flicks. Is Sony trying to quietly bury a project they're now afraid will add to their list of flops? Looks like this may be the case.