Here's a quick hit on the Wolverine film slated to follow the final chapter of the X-Men trilogy. IESB is claiming an exclusive (via the author's ten-year-old daughter, apparently) on news regarding the plot of the super hero film. While at a premiere for Ice Age 2, the young lady spoke with Tom Rothman and quizzed him about Wolverine's solo project. Although someone will allegedly get in trouble for telling, it was indicated that the film would be a "prequel" to the X-Men films.

No surprise here, really - although it certainly wasn't the only option for a solo Wolverine adventure. As we all know, Wolverine is constantly running off on his own crusades - although he somehow manages to appear in about fifteen different major titles while he does so. The question then remains; are we looking at a "Wolverine joins the X-Men" flick or a "Wolverine origins" flick? The latter could end up being quite a complicated tale. My guess is that the film will focus around the "Weapon X" era.
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