Digidesign, a company that fell in love with David Lynch just as suddenly as Lynch fell in love with DV, is giving away a free DVD featuring the filmmaker. Obviously created primarily as a tool to get Lynch's embrace of DV out to the public, Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker also includes new interviews (probably about just DV, but still) and, tantalizingly, "footage from a recent project." Because Lynch's digital love affair began when he started shooting Inland Empire in DV, one assumes that it's the project in question. If it, however, at least one person is a bit alarmed.

According to Brendon at film ick - a massive, massive Lynch fan - "The...scene on the DVD looks like an awful, dreadful mistake." He offers a detailed summary of the scene, as well as an admirably clear explanation of the inexplicable things that transpire therein and, in the end, reaches the depressing conclusion that Lynch has "seemingly abandoned all of his skills, [and] turned out something that appears, at best, to be indifferent or a little careless, or at worst, to be a lazy, cynical pastiche of his former glories with all of the details out of joint." Oooooh dear oh dear.

What are you people waiting for? Go order the DVD, and tell us what you think.

[via Arrow in the Head]
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