According to its press page, the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (now in its ninth year) is "the premier documentary film festival in the United States." Whether it's that or not, the festival, which takes place over four outrageously packed days in Durham, NC and runs April 6-9 this year, has a great slate of films lined up for its 2006 installment. The competition slate includes the audience-friendly Air Guitar Nation; Angel Makers, a story about 51 Hungarian women arrest for poisoning "the men in their lives" in 1929; the world premiere of "A transgressive rock and roll drag show featuring subversive and absurdist performances, a fierce soundtrack, and a transcendent spirit" called Filthy Gorgeous, The Trannyshack Story; and Matthew Barney: No Restraint, a sort of The Burden of Dreams to Barney's Drawing Restraint 9.

Also featured this year is a sidebar about Hurricane Katrina, as well as a special focus on class in America, examined through a wide variety of lenses.

[Thanks, Peter]
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