Last Thursday, one Sahara Lottisold a script to 20th Century Fox. Saddled with the horrible title of Dear God, It's Me Rod, the script is a semi-Freaky Friday-style family comedy (without the body switching), about a kid who wishes to be in his best friend's family, but doesn't get his wish. Just kidding. But really, someone should make that movie. Sort of like Scary Movie, but riffing off of the wish-fulfillment, lesson-learning semi-genre. Anyway, the kid gets his wish and, wouldn't you know it, realizes how great his own family truly is.

One should not, however, throw stones at Miss Lotti, because she turned around and, less than a week later, sold ANOTHER FREAKING STORY to Fox, this time via Shawn Levy's 21 Laps Entertainment, which recently moved under Fox's tent. The script, which Levy bought on spec, is a comedy entitled Back Magick, and tells the story of "an unpopular boy who, in a misguided effort to improve his seemingly unspectacular life, makes a series of wishes during an eclipse." Arg. Again with the wishes. What's good about this one, however, is that it offers a twist with a bit of promise: the wishes don't come true until 20 years later, at which point they're not exactly relevant. Clearly Lotti spend that week between pitches carefully refining her wish-fulfillment story generating machine, because it's already much more sophisticated. Stay tuned for next week's installment.
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