In an incredibly clever bit of marketing, Kevin Smith and the Clerks II promotional team (which may well consist entirely of Smith himself) have thrown up a MySpace page for the movie. In and of itself, that's not too clever - after all, as Mark told us the other day, even movie characters have their own pages these days. What sets Smith apart, however, is that he's basically bribing fans to "friend" the site, thus spreading the Clerks II gospel throughout whatever massive demographic it is that inhabits MySpace. According to Smith, he'll post "an exclusive pic or story" for everyone 100 people who join the "Clerks II Army"; when the total reaches 10,000, "a super-exclusive, MySpace-only CLIP from the film" will go up. If 10,000 more show up, another clip. And so it goes.

It's a tantalizing prospect for Smith fans, but you guys better start calling your friends - so far, only 1212 MySpace users have joined up. While that's way more friends that I've got, it's still a long, long way from 10,000.
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