After years of wondering when, where, and how Stephen King's wonderfully nasty novel Desperation would make the leap to the silver screen, me and my fellow horror fans now have a date to look forward to. May 18th is when ABC will premiere Desperation, a three-hour TV movie based on one of The King's most admired "late-career" horror tales. (But before you roll your eyes and whine "TV movie???" -- keep this in mind: Salem's Lot (1979), It (1990), and The Stand (1994) were all made-for-TV productions, and the King faithful really seem to dig those adaptations. (Flipside: The Tommyknockers (1993), The Langoliers (1995), and Rose Red (2002) were also made-for-TV productions ... and they kinda stunk.)

Mr. King penned the Desperation teleplay, based upon his 1996 novel (which, trivially enough, was released the same day as his novel The Regulators), and allowed old buddy Mick Garris to settle into the director's chair. Mr. Garris has worked on numerous King flicks, including Sleepwalkers (1992), The Stand (1994), The Shining (1997), Quicksilver Highway (1997), and Riding the Bullet (2004). For those of you need a recap, the Desperation story goes a little like this: An isolated desert town is consumed by an ancient evil that turns a cop into a ravenous, murderous beast, and for the poor travellers and survivors hiding out in Desperation's dark alleys ... that ferocious mutant cop soon becomes the least of their worries. (Editor's note: Plus, as you can barely make out in the pic above, it's got Charles Durning being attacked by a cougar ... which, I think, we've all been hoping to see. -- JR.)
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