... And I want to start writing letters to Joss Whedon immediately proclaiming that casting her will bring him a world of pain. Go ahead, I know all of you closet Lindsay Lohan fans are just dying to scream, "You're being very unfair Mr. Davis!" Right now you're searching the internet for pictures of me to hang underneath that gigantic Freaky Friday poster you hold so dearly, only to throw darts at my forehead and feel good about your aim even though I'm balding ... at a highly alarming rate.

It's okay to feel that way. I deserve it. But I can't just sit here and pretend that Whedon's uphill battle with this project wouldn't end in a deadly fall should this girl land the leading role. Wow, it felt good to get that off my chest. Thanks.

Anyway, Lindsay Lohan was recently quoted as being very interested in the role of Wonder Woman. The 19-year-old actress, who can be seen in such films as the charming Herbie: Fully Loaded and the always delightful adaptation of Every Nightmare I've Ever Had has claimed that she'd like to find more roles to "Show that I have some sort of stretch in me." Could Wonder Woman be one of those roles? "Wonder Woman would be cool. I'm trying to find roles right now that are different to anything I've done to show my abilities ... because most of the things that I've done so far are aimed at younger girls and are light-hearted." You heard it here first folks: Lindsay Lohan hates younger girls. Joss, I hope you're paying attention.


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