Moviehole reported this morning that Terminator 4 is a go: its got a script and everything, and producers are just waiting for Arnold Schwarzenegger to get booted from the governator's mansion. Based on an interview Mario Kassar - who produced Terminator 3 (and is currently out promoting Basic Instinct 2 - what a classy resume he's putting together) - gave Extra, it sounds like rumors that Arnold's Terminator had been written out are untrue, and both his character and the franchise will live to see another day. That said, is anyone really surprised? Literally the first thought I had after T3 ended was "Well, they left that WIDE open for a sequel, didn't they?" After all, even as the quality of the series declines, we still keep buying tickets: T3 cost about $175 million and grossed $418 million worldwide. Apart from the fact that one might wonder why the brilliant robotics folks in the future would make an indestructible hero that looks so damn old, what possible reason who they have to stop making the movies?

First more Conan and now this - why, studios are practically setting up camp outside Arnie's digs, praying that he'll get kicked out this fall.
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