According to Johnnie To (Election, The Mission) three of Hong Kong's big-name directors are going to collaborate on what he calls a "jigsaw" thriller. To will be joining forces with Ringo Lam (City on Fire) and Tsui Hark (Once Upon a Time in China, Time and Tide) to create an unconventional, multi-part film. Instead of each directing a segment of the same screenplay, or directing segments based on the same loose theme, the three will write and direct their segments based on the work of the director who precedes them in the film's chronology. In other words, knowing only that he is to make a cop thriller, Hark will write and direct a 30 minute film. When he's finished, he'll hand the result over to Lam. Based on Hark's segment, Lam will then write and direct another 30 minutes; the completed hour will go to To, who is responsible for crafting a conclusion. Got it?

To me, this sounds awesome. That said, however, as a vaguely pathetic fan of HK films, I tend to look kindly on pretty much anything coming out of that (sadly faltering) industry, only giving up hope when people I trust tell me the film I've been waiting for is, in fact, a disaster. So, here I am again with my blind optimism, praying that this project is not a mess and, instead, does what the directors hope it will and gives HK cinema a kick in the proverbial pants.

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