And the fat keep getting fatter. Not long ago, I reported that Jorge Garcia (Lost) would be playing AICN chief Harry Knowles in the upcoming film about fanboys called, what else - Fanboys. Well, because of scheduling conflicts Garcia dropped out, and producers scurried around town in search of an adequate replacement. Personally, if I was assigned the job of finding a really fat guy with red hair asap, I'd either throw Carrot Top in a fat suit or hand in my resignation stat.

However, it turned out there was a fat guy available and, although he does not have red hair, his comedic connection to AICN made him the perfect candidate. That's right folks - Kevin Smith will be playing Harry Knowles in Fanboys. Knowles broke the news himself today and stated that everyone involved in the project is granting Smith free reign with the character.

Why is this such a great move? Well, you may remember awhile back when Kevin Smith went to war with the commenter's over at AICN. Since they don't like him and he isn't so fond of them, I'm dying to see if he takes out his frustration on the Knowles character. Seeing as the Fanboys audience will be largely made up of AICN fanboys, here is his chance to make a fool out of their glorious leader. Ooohh, I kind of want to see it now. Er, or maybe not.


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