Just when we think we've finally got those pesky "X-Men 4 and 5" rumors under control, who better to throw the whole deal back into wild speculation than Professor X himself, Patrick Stewart?That's right, after all the assurances Brett Ratner has made regarding the X-Men franchise being only a trilogy and ending after this one (it's titled The Last Stand, for crying out loud), the rumor mill refuses to die. Stewart appeared this week on the British television show Rich and Judy, and while there briefly discussed the upcoming X-flick, making the insidious claim that "labeling the third film as 'the last one' could be just a tease to draw audiences to the theater."

What is this you say, Patrick? A movie studio using strong rumor and fan eagerness to increase their profits? Perish the thought! I am sure if they continue after this one, it will only be because they thought long and hard after the third film, and honestly decided that another movie was in the best interests of the franchise. Or their wallets. Whatever. At any rate, Stewart is clearly speculating, and likely not privy to any insider info, so take his opinion as you will. Myself, I think I'll be glad to see it finished.
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