As I've mention here before, my chemical need to avoid all things horror has a few exceptions, namely anything involving a)zombies or b)vampires. For some reason, those two categories of the undead make my inner movie wimp hear "WOO HOO!", instead of the "RUN AWAY!" command that normally accompanies anything scary. As a result of this quirk, a small, gleeful noise escaped me this morning when, while perusing The Hollywood Reporter, I came across a mention of Razorwire, an "urban horror movie" with the following plot summary: "A group of small-time drug that vampires, who also happen to be cops, have been feeding on the disadvantaged people in the ghetto." As both vampires and dirty cops are wont to do, they start framing the poor dealers for the blood-sucking murders, and an epic struggle ensues between the sides. See what I mean? Everything about this is great. Vampire cops? Drug dealers, sort of fighting for good? The inevitably army of the undead? Um, hell yes!

The rights to Razorwire have been acquired by indie producers Completion Films, who have hired music video director Little X to direct.
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